Get LEI code to Identify Business Globally.

Global legal entity identifier number in a standardized form. Governed by the GLEIF - Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation. Endorsed by G20 countries.

Secure Financial Transactions with LEI code

ISO 17442 - all organizations are eligible for the LEI code. It is needed by any legal entity whose activities incorporate financial transactions.

LEI code Level 2 Data
Who Owns Whom

Level 2 data enables the identification of the direct and ultimate parents of a legal entity and vice versa.

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Payment methods and Refunds

GetLEI™ guarantee 100% refund for any non-issued LEI codes. We refund payments to the same sources they come from, we accept PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney (Paymaster24), direct bank wire transfers or we can refund back to your account balance for future purchases.

It is very easy to request a refund, all you need is to log in to the Client area, find your order and click Cancel order button. Our managers would shortly review your cancellation request.

PayPal, Skrill, and Webmoney refunds are processed immediately; however, a bank wire transfer may take a few days depending on your bank and country rules. Please note, we do not guarantee a refund if you provided fake and wrong information within the verification of your entity.

The refund period as detailed under the GLEIF RA Governance Framework will be honoured appropriately.

Payment rules and methods

We accept multiple payment methods to serve you best. Contact us to discuss any suggestions as we may consider accepting different payment ways. The current payment gateways we accept listed below:

  • PayPal + credit cards

    We accept PayPal gateway as it is one of the best and most popular payment processing globally. It is possible to use Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards, direct wire transfers to pay our services with PayPal. All refunds processed immediately.

  • Skrill + credit cards

    Skrill, previously known as MoneyBookers, is the 2nd largest providers of online payments in the World. We allow using Skrill as Credit card gateway, even with Maestro cards. Skrill process SkrilDirect, Sofort, Neteller, PaySafeCard and SWIFT methods. However, they have strict rules for credit card processing and may reject payments from regular credit cards. We suggest PayPal in those cases.

  • We accept Webmoney

    Webmoney is the most common payment gateways in Russia and CIS countries since 1998. Online users and e-commerce users use their instant send/receive payments. We do not charge any commissions in the case of Webmoney payments. Refunds processed immediately after a cancellation case review.

  • Bank Wire transfers (SWIFT)

    Bank Wire Transfer payments (SWIFT) are welcome for all our customers and partners. Receive automatically generated PDF invoice including all company and bank credentials with every purchase within our system. It takes around 1-2 working days to receive payments within Europe and may take a bit longer from other countries. Send us payment confirmation for instant processing.

  • Chargebacks

    There are people out there who try to cheat and do a chargeback after successful reception of their ordered products and services. We will suspend such accounts with the termination of services/products if that happens. We may also warn other providers about your methods of work to disallow you order LEI codes from elsewhere. You will need to pay outstanding invoice and Penalties of 100$ in order if you wish to reactivate your account.