Get LEI code to Identify Business Globally.

Global legal entity identifier number in a standardized form. Governed by the GLEIF - Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation. Endorsed by G20 countries.

Secure Financial Transactions with LEI code

ISO 17442 - all organizations are eligible for the LEI code. It is needed by any legal entity whose activities incorporate financial transactions.

LEI code Level 2 Data
Who Owns Whom

Level 2 data enables the identification of the direct and ultimate parents of a legal entity and vice versa.

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What services does GETLEI offer?

GetLEI is an official and verified Registration Agent (RA) by Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF). Our company provides a complete list of LEI services, such as new registration, renewal of expiring codes and transfer. Search and Lookup available for all website visitors and we are preparing API service for that. Using our ENVERS™ management platform you can resell LEI all over the world, as we do support 249 jurisdictions and countries.

  • Obtaining an LEI and renewal

    LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) registration and renewal processing available in 249 jurisdictions. In most cases, it takes just one day to get your code. Please check the Estimated processing time (EPT) for every region/jurisdiction.

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  • Transfer LEI code

    There are numerous reasons for switching to us and transferring your LEI code to our professional management platform. The transfer is done within LOUs with no extra actions by you or end-customers.

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  • LEI Lookup and Entity Search

    Lookup and Search are the main features required for every financial entity ensuring the LEI code is registered and valid. We use the GLEIF (Global Entity identifier foundation) global directory to check the data online without using any cached versions. The service is free of charge.

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  • Reseller Program

    Our team has a 15-year experience in IT services and at present, we operate more than 8,200 partners from all over the world and would be happy to see more partners within our family. We are human here and would find a solution working for both.

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  • Enterprise solution

    We offer dedicated management, entity cross-check and simple automation to monitor related entities for Enterprises, Banks, and Government.

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