Get LEI code to Identify Business Globally.

Global legal entity identifier number in a standardized form. Governed by the GLEIF - Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation. Endorsed by G20 countries.

Secure Financial Transactions with LEI code

ISO 17442 - all organizations are eligible for the LEI code. It is needed by any legal entity whose activities incorporate financial transactions.

LEI code Level 2 Data
Who Owns Whom

Level 2 data enables the identification of the direct and ultimate parents of a legal entity and vice versa.

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How do I transfer an LEI code?

You have the right to select a GLEIF accredited agency/provider to manage your LEI code. GetLEI™ offers free and simple LEI Transfer to our management platform from any service provider or LEI system. Our company would take responsibility for the administration of your LEI and the process of transfer from the previous provider. The LEI code, as well as data, will stay the same after the transfer.

The process includes two LOUs (Local Operating Unit): the sending (i.e., the agency that is handing over the administration of the LEI data) and receiving (i.e., the agency that is taking over the administration of the LEI data).

A company, who owns the Legal Entity Identifier, should authorize the transfer. The Authorization must be signed by an individual named in the related register. That is a mandatory rule.

Why would I transfer my LEI code?

  • Non-user-friendly interface to manage LEI;
  • Higher pricing and fees;
  • Not satisfied with the support;
  • No API and automation;
  • A limited number of supported jurisdictions/countries;

Why use our company

  • 15+ years experience in the IT sector servicing more than 81,000 customers from 223 countries;
  • Free SSL certificate with every Transfer;
  • User-friendly and mobile compatible management platform;
  • API automation;
  • 178+ countries supported;
  • Friendly sales and support team;
  • Partner program and competitive pricing;