Get LEI code to Identify Business Globally.

Global legal entity identifier number in a standardized form. Governed by the GLEIF - Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation. Endorsed by G20 countries.

Secure Financial Transactions with LEI code

ISO 17442 - all organizations are eligible for the LEI code. It is needed by any legal entity whose activities incorporate financial transactions.

LEI code Level 2 Data
Who Owns Whom

Level 2 data enables the identification of the direct and ultimate parents of a legal entity and vice versa.

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How much does it cost to get an LEI?

We are GLEIF RA (Registration agent) who provides major options for LEI codes, such as New Registration, Renewals, Transfers, and Unique Site Seal logo. Multi-year and volume discounts are available for both retailers and reseller partners. Please note, you have to transfer LEI code first before the actual renewal. You can buy LEIs in EUR, USD, and GBP.

Transfer Basic Pro
Pricing Plan
Pricing Plan
$62.00 billed annually $62.00 billed annually $155.00 billed annually
2-year - $108.50 $271.25
3-year - $155.00 $387.50
4-year - $201.50 $503.75
5-year - $248.00 $620.00
Period 1 year Up to 5 years Up to 5 years
LEI Registration
LEI Registration
LEI data update
LEI data update
SSL validation Speed-up
SSL validation Speed-up
Free SSL certificateTrusted and professional SSL comes with every plan
Free SSL certificateTrusted and professional SSL comes with every plan GoGetSSL™ Domain SSL certificate GoGetSSL™ Domain SSL certificate GoGetSSL™ BusinessTrust EV SSL
Free LEITrust Site SealOne click to get report about entity
Free LEITrust Site SealUnique Seal comes with every New/Renewal or Transfer LEITrust Seal v.1 LEITrust Seal v.1 LEITrust Seal v.1
Code GuardAll-in-one solution to protect your website
This Plan
This Plan
This Plan
  • Reselling program

    Our team has a 15-year experience in IT services and now we are also playing a key role in financial markets providing Legal Entity identified numbers. At present, we operate more than 8,100 partners from all over the world and would be happy to see more partners within our family.

    There are real humans here and we would always find a solution working for all parties. It is a great option to secure financial transactions with the LEI code, check the Reseller program.

  • API Power

    Automation is a goal for the successful building of the reseller network as ISO 17442 states all organizations are eligible for the lei code. We provide simple and fast LEI API to create and renew LEI codes. Using API you can check LEI and order statuses. In March 2020 we would release our first WHMCS LEI addon too.

  • Free 1yr SSL within LEI transfer

    GoGetSSL™ certificates come with every LEI order or transfer. You will receive Domain or Extended Validation SSL for free during a renewal of your transferred LEI code. Please note, EV SSL comes with PRO and Enterprise plans ONLY.

  • Data protection / GDPR compatible

    We take our responsibility to protect all your Personal Data according to GDPR rules and guides. Our security team monitors and analyzes our system for any possible vulnerabilities using PCI scanning tools and advice of best security experts on the market. Check out the Privacy Policy guide.